MachMedia is your new broadband company that offers comprehensive Telephone service and High-Speed Internet Access.

Business Solutions

  • Broadband Telephone – VoIP telephone service offered at a fraction of the cost of other proprietary solutions. Harness VoIP capability to cut your communications costs by up to 65%.
  • High-Speed Internet – Capitalize on the potential of networking and how it can increase productivity and maximize your bottom line.
  • Video Surveillance Solutions
    • Accessibility – Video surveillance gives you the ability to quickly view and access events in multiple areas of your facility.
    • Remote access – Many DVR/NVR units can help you oversee your business from anywhere you have internet access.

Residential Solutions

  • Broadband Telephone – Use your regular telephone and our service over a broadband Internet connection for revolutionary savings on your domestic and international calls.
  • High-Speed Internet – Download speeds up to 128 times faster than dial-up – Mach Speed!


Cisco CCENT Network and
CCNA Routing & Switching Certified

ccent_network_large   ccna_routerswitching_large


VoIP Broadband Telephone

Starting At:
$28 per mo

  • Instant Setup & Excellent Connectivity
  • Significant Savings
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Phone Number Mobility
  • FREE Enhanced Calling Features
  • No Contracts



High Speed Internet

Starting At:
$35 per mo

  • FAST – Up to 125 Times Faster Than Dial-Up!
  • Always On Connection
  • Simultaneous Phone, Data and Video Capability
  • No More World Wide Wait!

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