Where is MachMedia Broadband Internet service currently available?
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Who is MachMedia?
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What services does MachMedia provide?
In areas of Umatilla County, Oregon, we offer wireless Broadband Internet services, including:
· High-Speed Broadband Internet
· To some users, Broadband VoIP Telephone Services (Local, Long-Distance & International)
· And very soon, Digital Video (TV & Movies)

For other US broadband subscribers, regardless of who their Internet Service Provider is, as long as they have a broadband connection, MachMedia can provide incredibly inexpensive Local, Long-Distance and International calling. Click here for more information.

What is required for installation of Broadband Internet service?
MachMedia’s trained technicians install a small antenna (about the size of a shoe box) at your home or office that leads to one wall outlet/jack terminating inside the building.

How long does it take to set up service?
Our technicians can generally complete your service installation anywhere from 3-10 business days after you sign up, depending on their work schedule. Installation time usually takes no longer than a couple of hours.

What is wireless broadband and how does it work?
MachMedia utilizes fixed wireless technology which transmits data via wireless radio frequencies between our wireless access point located on a tall structure in the community, and a small antenna attached to a wireless radio installed at your home or office. This technology, which uses no phone lines, provides Internet access that can be up to 138 times faster than conventional dial-up services. The service coverage area is generally several miles around each tower, and service requires line of sight to the tower.

How fast is MachMedia’s wireless Broadband Internet service?
Currently, MachMedia offers download (receiving) connection speeds between 1000 kbps (1.0 Mbps) and 12000 kbps (12.0 Mbps). That’s well over 100-times faster than standard dial-up service of 56 kbps and up to 46-times faster than your typical 256 kbps DSL connection! Upload (sending) speed is offered up to 1500 kbps. Click to learn more about our Broadband Internet packages.

How does wireless broadband service differ from standard dial-up and DSL internet service?
It’s Faster!
· Up to 138-times faster than standard dial-up and 23-times faster than standard DSL.
· Audio, telephone, and video-streaming capabilities increase dramatically
· Download times shrink from minutes to mere seconds.

It’s ‘Always On’
· No dialing
· No waiting
· No need for second phone line
· Instant Internet access whenever your computer is running!

What are the computer requirements for MachMedia Broadband Internet?
· Minimum requirements: Pentium 133 MHz or higher, Windows 95 or higher, 32MB RAM or higher, 50MB free hard drive space.
· Recommended requirements: Pentium 233 MHz or higher, Windows 95 or higher, 64MB RAM or higher, 100MB free hard drive space.

What computer operating systems is MachMedia service compatible with?
Our service supports computers running on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh or forms of Unix operating systems.

Can I service more than one computer on my MachMedia connection?
Yes. Our service offers connection speeds of 1000-12000 kbps, so your connection could comfortably support a network of several users accessing the Internet simultaneously.

What if I have more questions?
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What services does MachMedia plan to provide in the future?
MachMedia is currently working to offer digital video (television and movies) capability to our subscribers.

How can I sign up for Broadband Internet?
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